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Listen To An Interview With Ted Fitz, Inventor of The Lung Gym



In a nutshell—pumping iron with lung power—THE HEART-LUNG GYM™ provides a natural way to improve respiratory performance. THE HEART-LUNG GYM™ exercises inhalation and exhalation directly thereby bypassing the need from total body performance. For example, a bed-bound or wheelchair-bound person can perform as much respiratory function as an athlete and benefits for the effects.

In addition, THE HEART-LUNG GYM™ exercise also relates to the heart as a form of exercise that has a very positive effect and cam be achieved by those unable to stand the vigor of other types of physical rehab procedures.

THE HEART-LUNG GYM™ provides a physical way instead of only a chemical way to help support respiratory function and physical improvement. Don't give up medications—try to lessen it. Combine THE HEART-LUNG GYM™ exercise along with the prescription and thereby build the body's respiratory efficiency, not just artificially support it.

THE HEART-LUNG GYM™ applies to everyone except infants and those intellectually unable to follow instructions. The spinal cord-injured may or may not benefit from this type of exercises, depending on where the injury is located. For weaning off a ventilator, THE HEART-LUNG GYM™ provides an excellent effect.

For most people, results are quickly achieved. Beside, the physical sense of well being , a mental attitude positive in character is also gained. Except for the extremely ill, the results can be summarized as follows:

· Improved capacity in physical activity. In short, labor enhancement.

· For athletes: a definite way to improve endurance. There is no other way to achieve this "edge" except through HEART-LUNG GYM use.

· For someone on medication: for most people, a reduction in need for medication is achieved. Included in this category should also be those requiring oxygen. Experience has shown less oxygen support is achieved.


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