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   "THE HEART-LUNG GYM� is a pure undiscovered gem for people with respiratory problems.  I experienced 23 visits with Ted Fitz and his HEART-LUNG GYM�.  I noticed tremendous improvement of my physical well-being after therapy.  Every patient who I referred for HEART-LUNG GYM� therapy has been very pleased.  Any doctor or therapist who sees people with asthma or emphysema should have one in their office.  People should have units at home to "work-out" their lungs.  THE HEART-LUNG GYM� makes so much common sense."

                                                         �Barry Gillespie, D.M.D, M.S.D.�

Note:  Dr. Gillespie is the author of "Healing Your Child, Natural Care for Children with Chronic Illness."    Refer to:  www.healingyourchild.com


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