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EXAMPLE:        Male, age mid 50s.  Illness:  emphysema and cancer.  He was wheelchair-bound, on oxygen, unemployed, on welfare and depressed beyond hope.  His doctors were at a loss to help him further until they heard of a physical therapist who was using a device (THE HEART-LUNG GYM�) they had never heard about.  The therapist was contacted, told of the positive effects THE HEART-LUNG GYM� was achieving and the safety of the device. The doctors told the man.  Try it.

            After three months on a 3-times a week exercise program on THE HEART-LUNG GYM�, the man was out of the wheelchair, had greatly reduced his need for oxygen support.  After six months,  he was employed part-time as a greens keeper on a golf course, off welfare, and spiritually feeling life had some value.  More time passed, more works taken, and he was capable of full-time employment.  He still needed a small amount of oxygen support, still had emphysema and cancer but physically active and self satisfied.  Approximately two years later, he died of cancer, which was expected.  He died content.  He felt not cheated of time or chance and was very appreciative for all the therapist had done for him.  What more can you ask?

EXAMPLEMale, age 60.  Illness:  emphysema.  This man struggle to climb one flight of stairs and had not ventured out further than the front porch in many years.  After six weeks of 3-times-a-week workout program on THE HEART-LUNG GYM�, done at the V.A. Hospital in Philadelphia, this man walked five blocks to a store, carried groceries home and did not feel exhausted.  He could not believe the event.  More time passed and many more workouts on THE HEART-LUNG GYM� were taken and life became better and better.  The highlight of his life was the once a week bus trip from Philadelphia to Atlantic City for a day at the casinos.  Before THE HEART-LUNG GYM�, such an outing was inconceivable.

  EXAMPLEMale.  Age 10.  Illness: asthma.  This young man desperately wanted to be in sports programs.  For most part he could not and when he was able it was for very brief periods.  After three months of 1-time-a-week workout program on THE HEART-LUNG GYM�, he was participating in sports for the entire period of the game.  He soon excelled in all sports activity.  In addition, he was able to reduce in half and later went on to be almost free of all medications.

  EXAMPLEMale.  Age twelve.  Condition: slightly asthmatic and had undersized lungs for his age.  His desire was to excel in track.  He participated but often did not do well nor was able to finish the practice or event.  After six months of 2-times-a-week program on THE HEART-LUNG GYM�, he was intensely involved in cross country running, competing and placing well ahead of previous times trials.  In addition, his need for medication was greatly reduced and his sense of accomplishment soared. 

His parents had not told the pulmonary doctor of their son's LUNG GYM exercise program.  The doctor was very pleased with the pulmonary test results and wanted to make sure he continued using his medications since it was having such good results.  Actually, since he was doing so well, the boy had reduced the medications about 80%.

The young man continued his LUNG GYM workouts, continued to improve both physically and respiratory-wise and continued to almost eliminate medications.  About this time, the parents told the doctor about their son's relationship with THE HEART-LUNG GYM�.  He immediately rejected the idea as foolish, shoed absolutely no interest in learning about the results of other people and was quite disturbed.  Their son had not followed his treatments of medication as he had prescribed.  He finished very strongly stating that respiratory problems can only be improved with medications and nothing else will have any benefits.  Meanwhile, the lad continues his workouts, says nothing, and continues to improve his athletics.

Examples could go on and on and on, but enough is enough.

        In closing, THE HEART-LUNG GYM�, at present, is available only for use at the EL-FAXCO facility in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

        EL-FAX is extremely interested in extending the access of THE HEART-LUNG GYM�.  A free demonstration is available to all or for more information, contact: 32 Llanfair Road, Ardmore, PA 19003 or call Mr. Edward Fitz at 610-896-6853.

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